A prominent Republican Kansas legislator comes out in support of Sebelius and against his ideological brethren on the subject of Kansas coal plants:

When every Academy of Science in every developed, industrialized nation agrees, and when the overwhelming number of scientists throughout the world state man-made global warming is a reality, then I would ask this: Can we afford to gamble that all of them are wrong? You may be a skeptic. I am a true believer.

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The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is the first government agency in the United States to cite carbon dioxide emissions as the reason for rejecting air permission for a proposed coal-fired generating plant.

Given recent bumbling history in our state, which has caused us much ridicule, I am, for a change, proud to be a Kansan. I just hope our Legislature doesn’t mess it up.

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UPDATE: Sebelius herself has also come out against the bill.