Somehow this one went under my radar last week, but I couldn’t let it slip by:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The state of Alaska has sued the U.S. government, arguing that listing polar bears as a threatened species will hurt Alaskan oil and gas exploration, fisheries and tourism.

The lawsuit, filed on Monday in federal court in Washington, seeks the withdrawal of a May 14 decision to list the big Arctic bears as threatened under the Endangered Species Act because climate change is melting their sea ice habitat. […]

“Additional regulation of the species and its habitat under the Endangered Species Act will deter activities such as commercial fisheries, oil and gas exploration and development, transportation and tourism within and off-shore of Alaska,” the lawsuit said.

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You know what might hurt tourism? If all the polar bears are gone! As South Park’s Jimmy would say … I mean, come on.

Also, if you don’t stop global warming, polar bears may come and eat you. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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