All but one land-use proposition voted down, post-election high continues

In the wake of this year’s election, greens are riding a buzz the likes of which no carnival-going six-year-old has ever felt. In an outcome deemed a blow to the property-rights movement, three of four “regulatory takings” propositions were defeated. The initiatives copied a successful measure in Oregon that allows landowners to be compensated for money “lost” due to zoning decisions and environmental rules. But voters in California, Idaho, and Washington said, “No thanks, regulations aren’t so bad, and crushing smart growth is just dumb.” Voters in Arizona passed their version of the rule, but if you’ve ever been to Phoenix, you know that place is pretty much doomed anyway. Meanwhile, as results for key congressional and gubernatorial races were confirmed, Grist followed the action and greens pinched themselves — hard. Notorious critter-hater Rep. Richard Pombo (R-Calif.) still lost, so David Roberts pens a moving tribute to the man and his misdeeds. Cue the violins.