Yesterday, the state of Washington got itself a new governor. During the campaign, environmental advocates were bullish on Jay Inslee’s prospects as a leader on green issues; our Lisa Hymas suggested he might be the greenest governor in the country.

Inslee didn’t waste much time in trying to meet those expectations. From the Olympian:

Inslee, a Democrat with an eye to putting Washington ahead of other states on green jobs and responding to climate change, revisited those themes in his [inaugural] address, which also touch on school funding, the economy and other themes. He also spoke of bringing “innovation” to the culture of Olympia.

Hoping to lend his message urgency, Inslee’s speech was titled, “The World Will Not Wait.” …

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Notably, Inslee said: “There is no challenge greater for Washington, with more opportunity for job growth, and more suited to our particular brand of genius and ingenuity, than leading the world’s clean energy economy. It is clear to me that we are the right state, at the right time, with the right people, and it’s also clear to me that we face grave and immediate danger if we fail to act.”

By the time he gave that address, Inslee had already taken action on those words. This photo was taken shortly before he spoke.

The photo is titled, “Governor Inslee’s first act.” Its caption?

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Writing a letter to the head of a clean energy company the Governor hopes will relocate to Washington: “I took the oath of office 45 minutes ago and my first act as Governor is to write you to invite you to join us in Washington in building a new energy economy. I look forward to shaking your hand. Jay”

Inslee will be governor for four years. With one day down, it’s safe to assume that environmental activists are looking forward to the next 1,459.