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Our romance with Jon Stewart is storied and long. And here’s the thing with long romances: The passion ebbs and flows. Steamy nights in heart-shaped hot tubs in the Poconos quickly become tea-time Sundays with The Ethicist. Love never dies, exactly, but you find your wandering eye lingers on John Oliver a little too long. (We can’t help it! It’s the incisive commentary, the accent, the Sesame Street eyebrows!)

Not our Jon. He knows how to keep that flame alive. And he does it by taking on the Koch brothers.

The Daily Show’s redubbed Koch Industries ad is better than any Russell Stover box, any pile of seasonal roses, any gold-embossed anniversary card from Kroger’s. From the ad: “With our heartfelt devotion to fossil fuels, we make your planet warmer and your water more flammable, while lubricating your birds and rearranging your polar bears.”

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Get over here, you hunk of Jon. We’re going to the Poconos.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.