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There’s a new inconvenient truth at hand for the Republican Party, and it goes by the name Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah compared Trump’s Super Tuesday success to something else that GOP candidates love to deny — climate change. It’s a connection that William Saletan made on Slate a week ago, and a delightful one at that.

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Marco Rubio, Noah explains, “would rather question the numbers” than admit Trump is crushing him. Then there’s Ted Cruz, who “willfully misinterprets” the Super Tuesday results to mean something a little rosier.

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The analogy doesn’t stop there. Noah continues:

Whether you believe in it or not, political climate change is happening, just like it is in nature. And we know this because we see it. You know, in nature, you see birds migrating earlier. Insects showing up in areas they’ve never been. Rats forced to hunt pizza in the wild. And it’s not different in the Republican Party, where we’re seeing political animals adapting to survive.

This is followed by a video of Chris Christie (once a “lone wolf,” now Trump’s “trained lapdog”) endorsing America’s favorite churlish chump with a combover.

Remember the days when the Donald’s bid to ascend to the presidency seemed like far-fetched tomfoolery? Well, we finally have something in common with you, Rubio and Cruz: We’re in denial, too. Because with Trump at the presidential bully pulpit, the future would look very scary, indeed.

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