Apologies for starting off y’all’s Monday mornings on the grossest note possible, but this story was too appalling not to share. In Texas, near Dallas, an amateur drone pilot snapped a pic of a suspiciously red creek. (Weird, we know! But just get past that bit.) The drone pilot decided it was suspicious enough to let the powers-that-be know about it.

The authorities checked the creek out and traced the red color to a meatpacking plant. The red color was raw pig blood. And pig guts, apparently. A pipe was leaking the stuff into the creek.

According to local news reports, the plant is still operating while a criminal investigation goes down. The plant is blaming the city for failing to fix a clog in the sewer system. Also, the area near the creek is being developed as a recreation area, where people fish and otherwise cavort. There’s also a human-made kayaking area. Happy Monday!

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