Lady Gaga's boyfriend Luc CarlYou and me could write a bad fromage.Photo: Drunk Diet

Beer for breakfast! Lord Gaga (real name: Lüc Carl) lost 40 pounds by binge-drinking — and his sound weight-loss tips will be featured in forthcoming book The Drunk Diet, reports The New York Observer.

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His blog has some great previews of health tips:

  • On life choices: “You must choose between the abs and the ice cream, and choose which un-happiness [sic] works best for you.”
  • On grocery shopping: “Make sure you’re sober when you go to the grocery store or you’ll get f*cked in the *ss.”
  • On Four Loko: “It sounds to me like this Mr. FOUR tried to be a little more hip than his own good and he got burned.”
  • On veggies and booze: “Beer and whiskey go together like peas and carrots. Then again, who says peas and carrots go together? I can eat peas without carrots, but I can’t very often drink whiskey without beer.

Check out his recipe for Lüc-Foo-Young, which is just stir-frying veggies in 5 egg whites.

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I for one always start the day with an oatmeal stout, brush my teef with a bottle o’ Jack (Ke$ha-style), and finish with a cheesecake-flavored shot for dessert. Yum yummers! What could go wrong?