Looking to lower your impact? Here’s your cheat sheet. GoodGuide offers greenness and social responsibility ratings, via web or app, for tens of thousands of products, including food, clothing, toys, and cleaning supplies.

Obviously, it’s massively useful to be able to look up a brand on your phone and see its health and environment score before you buy. But there’s another interesting side effect of the GoodGuide website: Because it scores companies and not just products, you can use it to find out who owns your favorite brands. Even if you don’t trace your meal all the way back to the farm (and then go visit the chicken you’re about to eat), you may be surprised at where your food comes from — a lot of supposedly better-choice brands are really subsidiaries of large, conscienceless corporations.

We’ve collected some supposedly-healthy brands that are dragged down by their parent companies’ low scores, or by their legions of crappy bedfellows.

Kellogs logo

Kellogg’s is the home of elves who make sh*tty cookies, and also Gardenburgers, Kashi, and Bear Naked.