The home improvement store Lowe's is partnering with Sungevity, a solar panel company, to offer instant, in-store estimates for home solar installation. The panels can be rented for a monthly fee. There goes your excuse: Get off the grid, already.

The EPA caved to manufacturers’ push to delay emissions standards for toxins like mercury and lead from industrial boilers.

Former Utah governor and GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman — who is a Republican, in case “Utah” didn’t tip you off — says he respects science and believes in climate change. All right, we might have someone in the 2012 race who thinks science is actually a thing!

It's not so easy to close parks, as California is going to find out when it tries to close 70.

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Thailand's Thap Lan national park might not be the best place to plan a camping trip. The park is unexpectedly supporting a growing population of wild tigers and of their poachers.

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