The Senate is ending a $6 billion subsidy program for ethanol; anti-ethanol food and environmental groups say it's "not a perfect comprise" but that they're "encouraged" by the step.

Carbon captured from coal plants can feed biofuel-producing algae. Which is awesome because nobody else wants to eat it.

Put that tuna burger down! Overfishing could extinguish five out of eight tuna species.

Can renewable energy keep up with Japan's demand for fuel-suckers like heated toilets?

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Former New York Gov. George Pataki said he might run for president because he doesn't like the White House's energy policies. Um, okay.

The Interior Department agreed to take grey wolves off the endangered species list for Wyoming; the discussions were tied to Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso's hold on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe's confirmation. That sound you just heard was Sarah Palin’s bus skidding 2,200 miles from Alaska. It’s the “Gun Nation” wolf-huntin’ party bus now, folks!

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