Is Congress passing a bill? Then you can bet it's bad for the environment. The debt deal is no exception.

We're almost out of time to start dealing with climate change, a new report says. Emissions would need to peak in 2020 in order for the planet to escape real damage. So … yeah.

Related: "Expectations are not high at the moment" for the Durban round of climate talks, according to a UN official.

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Radiation levels in some parts of the Fukushima plant are still deadly.

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Charles Monnett isn't being investigated for his 2006 article on polar bear deaths, the agency investigating him says. He's being investigated for his oversight of a different study on polar bears. This doesn’t actually make the whole thing less weird.

Science says: people living near natural gas wells have a higher chance of having high methane levels — of the type of methane that comes from deep within the earth — in their home water wells.

How many jobs has natural gas drilling created in Pennsylvania? 13,000? 67,000? 140,000? No one's quite ready to agree.

The industry has created enough demand for steel to create a new steel plant in Ohio. When was the last time that was true?

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NASA's sending a solar-powered spacecraft to Jupiter.