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On the seafloors of Antarctic basins, the water has warmed by just 0.27 degrees C — but that’s enough to allow giant king crabs to take over the ecosystem and eat everything they find. These suckers are more than three feet across, and they’re gobbling up sea urchins, sea lilies, sea cucumbers, and starfish. They’re also messing with the make-up of the sea floor. Check out the (terrifyinggggg) video above: The crab looks like an invasive vehicle in a Star Wars movie that’s launching a sneak attack on an unsuspecting, peaceful civilization.

Scientists had predicted these guys would invade Antarctic waters at some point, but they gave the crabs 100 years to do the deed. That was three years ago. And if there’s anything scarier than three-foot marauder crabs, it’s three-foot marauder crabs who are in a hurry.

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