I have complicated feelings about animal testing, at least when it comes to science. But I have very uncomplicated feelings about dogs, and this video of nine beagles being set free made me blubber unattractively. These dogs have lived in cages their entire lives, testing medicines, cosmetics, and household products (which does not qualify as science!). The video captures their first human affection, their first time leaving their metal crates, and their first steps onto grass. This will definitely be in my head next time I'm looking for cruelty-free products.

The group that produced the video, Animal Rescue Media Education, just pulled off their biggest beagle bust, rescuing 72 pups from European labs. (They don't actually charge in and snatch the beagles, which is what I prefer to imagine — the labs give them the dogs to rehome when they're no longer needed.) Some of the beagles were adopted in Europe, but 40 are here in the States and need foster or permanent homes, so once you get a tissue you can take a look at the adoption applications.

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