What’s the deal with Pluto? Why are we all in a tizzy about some hi-def pictures of this faraway planet that, honestly, isn’t even really a planet? And when do we get to go back to talking about Earth? Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with Stephen Colbert to help clear all of this up.

Some things we learned:

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  1. Pluto is not a real planet — it’s a dwarf planet. No offense to dwarves, obviously.
  2. Neil deGrasse Tyson is more than happy to throw our dear devastated Earth under the bus by categorizing it, too, as a dwarf planet. After the year we’ve had — geez, Neil!
  3. Neil deGrasse Tyson likes Klondikes, hates Tang. Appropriately so!

Watch the whole video to experience fifteen minutes of what is, as far as we know, the most perfect, giggly example of friendship we’ve found on this (dwarf) planet we call home.

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