Call us immature, but we can’t resist a dare. A dare ups the ante. A dare puts your honor at stake. A dare, frankly, makes it more fun. That’s why this July we and a few courageous readers are stepping outside our comfort zones to discover just how green we can get.

Throughout this month, Grist will bring you stories of brave souls who’ve accepted our dares. Will meat lover David Roberts convince his family to go vegetarian? Can reader Alden Wicker make do with nothing but secondhand clothes for a week in the uber-fashion-conscious world of New York City? Respected author and food activist Anna Lappé will write love poems to her favorite environmental groups, but will she ever find anything to rhyme with “sustainable”?

You can help. Sponsor these daring folks. Reward their plucky spirit by making a donation to Grist. It’s like someone running a marathon for charity, only way cooler. Choose a dare, make your donation, and follow along as our participants push their eco limits.

And if they inspire you to take on a dare or two yourself, even better. Welcome aboard.