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Mom's old exercise clothesI’m flexible in my wardrobe, but not in my hammies.Jennifer Mac DonaldIt’s been hanging over my head since Monday. I’ve been avoiding it so far this week, but I really can’t put it off any longer: my morning run.

Finding athletic wear was a particularly difficult task. When I asked my mom if she had anything for me, she replied, “I didn’t exercise before I had kids!” Huh? My mom, the 4.0 tennis player and yoga practitioner, didn’t break a sweat until she was 30? Sigh… “Do you have anything?” I asked. After rummaging through a random pile surprisingly close to the front of the closet, she pulled out some teeny black running shorts. “How about these?” My mom was holding a pair of those short shorts from the 70s. Think Suzanne Somers in Three’s Company. I guess I better get comfortable with showing some leg, and fast. I was also able to find a nylon hooded shell, which looks like it could be from the 80s, but hey! Slim pickings. They make a decent combo.

I made sure to get up extra early for my run so fewer people would get a free show of my gams. But guess what? Everyone else up that early hardly notices what’s going on around them. They, like me, were probably still waking up. Crisis averted. I did however get a laugh or two from my fiancé upon my return.

Bright blue mom dressIt’s bright! But I love it.Jennifer Mac DonaldThe weather in Seattle is still not cooperating for work wear. It’s only marginally warmer, but at least it’s not raining. So I’m wearing the wrap dress I had planned for yesterday. Please, sun! Pleeeease make an appearance? Another dress is certainly not what my coworkers expect of me. My usual uniform is jeans, T-shirt, and cardigan. Yesterday I received a lot of comments along the lines of “Well, you look fancy!” and even one “You should dress up more often. You look hot!” Don’t worry, that last comment was from a lady coworker. No sexual harassment attorney needed — unless you think I have a case.

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Anyway, I love this dress, but I also feel the need to explain it, probably because of the bright colors. So when someone pays the dress a compliment, I say something annoying like, “It’s vintage“, which reeks of hipster attitude. Is that terrible? I really do adore the dress and shouldn’t have to make any excuses for it, so why do I? I guess I just have to own it.

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