There have been a lot of apologies flying around this week. BP CEO Tony Hayward to the U.S. people. Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) to Hayward and BP. Now it’s Twitter’s (and your) turn to tell BP just how totally sorry it is for everything. It’s been a rough week.

Kanye BPDrogoBoffin via Twitter@DrogoBoffin: #Imsorrybp That Kanye called you out.

@itwaschris: #ImsorryBP for not giving you your props for the 8 other oil rigs you operate that are hardly leaking at all.

@chrisbaskind: We Gulf Coast residents should quit whining and realize it’s not an oil spill. It’s BP’s new home delivery program. #Imsorrybp

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@oenolicious: #ImSorryBP I didn’t realize that you were working to stop the immigration of Gulf of Mexico water with your oil slicks.

@oenolicious: #ImSorryBP My previous comments were a misconstrued misconstruction. See. Your oil well wasn’t the only misconstruction.

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@oenolicious: #ImSorryBP That people keep referring to the Exxon Valdez spill in reference to your spill. It isn’t fair. You totally kick Valdez’s butt.

@expatina: #ImSorryBP for not appreciating how much easier it is to barbecue pre-oiled shrimp. And can I add Thank You?

@bendicoot: #ImSorryBP that I ride my bike to work. If I bought more gas maybe you could afford safety measures.

@TarenSK: i’m sorry i took the last golf balls to the course with me, instead of leaving them with you to try to plug the hole. #imsorrybp

@YesBiscuit: #ImSorryBP that all the uppity wildlife conservations have abandoned you. Saving the Gulf Walrus is all up to YOU now.

See more on and on Twitter. And submit your own apology to BP here.


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