Where my nuclear reactors at? HUH!?!

Climate Central just rolled out a series of interactive maps to help you figure that out. Here's the world shaded according to how many nuclear reactors each country has:

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USA! USA! We have 104. That's almost twice as many as France. France is much smaller, sure, but also, they were once humiliated by the Germans. Japan is in third place with 55, because this information is slightly outdated.

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Percentage of total electricity production from nuclear is probably the only contest Lithuania will ever win. Aside from, I dunno, goat tossing?

China is planning A LOT of reactors — 50. India has 18 on the drawing board and Russia has a few too, for reasons no one can fathom — their population is actually shrinking.

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The take-home here is that Lithuanians throw goats. Also: China is going to build a ton of nuclear power pretty much no matter what.