Carbon neutrality is popping up in more glamorous places than Yahoo’s headquarters, Al Gore’s mansion, and The New Oxford English Dictionary these days. Cosmetics giant Lancome will start paying for its pollution and funding green power projects through the nonprofit CarbonFund. But Lancome isn’t greening all its operations; only four boutiques, plus its four jet-setting spokesmodels (including Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, Isabella’s daughter), will buy into carbon offsets.

Lancome is tying its green efforts to the release of a new goo built to save your face from the ravages of the savaged environment. Are UV rays pounding through the feeble ozone layer and wrinkling your brow? The make-up maker will plant a tree for each of the first 10,000 bottles sold of its (deep breath) Primordiale Cell Defense Double Performance Cell Defense & Skin Perfecting Serum (almost as wordy as a European climate report). Prepare to see more elaborate cosmetics catering to people’s vanity, fear of climate change, and eco-generosity all at once.

However, in light of Lancome’s latest green face, animal rights activists continue to criticize its parent company L’Oreal for testing on animals.

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