The magazine Condé Nast Portfolio has produced a “Toxic Ten” list of companies that claim to be green, but really ain’t. Among those called out: Cargill, in part for egregious water pollution; Ford Motor Co., in part for the unimpressive overall gas mileage of its fleet; Boeing, in part for a lack of transparency about its greenhouse-gas emissions; Apple, in part for toxic chemicals found in its hip products; Massey Energy, in part for its horrific reliance on mountaintop-removal mining; and Chevron, in part for the waste it has contributed to more than 90 Superfund sites. The magazine also made a “Green 11” list of “eco-savvy corporations” — Bank of America, Ceres, Dupont, General Electric, Innovest, Organic Valley, Starbucks, Tesla Motors, Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, and the city of Austin, Texas — which some enviros would no doubt quibble with.