Amanda Little

Amanda Little is author of Power Trip: The Story of America's Love Affair with Energy. She is a contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek and a writer-in-residence in the English department at Vanderbilt University, where she teaches investigative journalism and creative nonfiction.

This Silicon Valley hotshot is modernizing one of the world’s most conservative industries

David Friedberg’s Climate Corporation, owned by Monsanto, helps farmers adapt to warming temperatures.

Conservatives and Climate Change

Here’s the GOP congressman who’s trying to kick-start a new climate movement

Rep. Chris Gibson is rounding up fellow Republicans to support a climate resolution -- and hoping for a meaningful agreement out of Paris.

Conservatives and Climate Change

Meet the Republican magnate who’s funding a push for climate action

Andy Sabin has spent big money to create a climate law center and to back GOP candidates like Jeb Bush who he thinks will break the climate stalemate.

Conservatives and Climate Change

This conservative economist makes the case for a carbon tax

N. Gregory Mankiw, former advisor to George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, argues that a carbon tax could go hand-in-hand with deregulation.

Conservatives and Climate Change

From the Christian Coalition to climate change: One conservative activist’s story

Michele Combs, founder of Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, is working to engage Republicans on clean energy and climate change.

Conservatives and Climate Change

Interview: Republican candidate George Pataki says it’s time to talk about climate change

The former governor of New York chats with Grist about innovation, cleantech, the pope, and how to get his party engaged on climate change.

John Kerry on why we need fossil fuels (for now) and climate action (for real!)

John Kerry talks to Grist about the difficulty of climate solutions, the unfortunate necessity of oil and gas, and the vacuity of Mitt Romney.

Michigan’s Jennifer Granholm plugs fuel economy, Chevy Volt

The former governor of Michigan talks to Grist's Amanda Little about the auto-industry rescue, Detroit's move toward cleaner cars, and that doozy of a convention speech.

L.A.’s Villaraigosa, self-proclaimed ‘greenest mayor’ in America, talks election, climate, and bikes

Antonio Villaraigosa calls L.A. the cleantech capitol of the U.S. Whether that's true or not, he does have a lot of green accomplishments, and he tells Grist's Amanda Little all about them.