Climate & Energy

A quake-up call

Oklahomans are suing frackers over earthquakes.

Pawnee, Okla., has seen nearly 800 earthquakes in the past year, including the biggest one ever recorded in the state.


With or without the U.S., the world’s going to move forward on climate change

COP22 wraps up with countries determined (for now) to keep Paris Agreement on track.

Special Report

Without the Clean Power Plan, our climate future is up to the states

In the states already hit hard by climate change, action is urgent — with or without the federal government.

winging it

What type of plane is least bad for the planet?

No plane is good for the climate, but some are better than others. Advice columnist Umbra Fisk reveals why.

justice league

How comics can help us talk about climate change

What can superheroes teach us about bigger issues? Watch and learn.

bolt from the blue

A new satellite will save lives — with lightning

GOES-R will teach us a lot about extreme weather and our changing climate.

thanks but

Obama could still permanently protect the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Here’s how.

The Interior Department's five-year plan limits oil and gas leasing, but could be undone by Trump.


The Marrakech climate talks still aren’t over, but here’s what’s gone down so far.

There are a few notable outcomes already ironed out, even if negotiators are still scrambling on the final text.

thanks obama

Obama halts new oil drilling in the Arctic — for now.

The Department of the Interior just threw a wrench in Trump’s plan to open up the Arctic.