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Triple Threat

Obama, the Chinese president, and the pope are all pushing climate messages in the U.S. this week

This unprecedented triumvirate is generating some real momentum toward climate action.

Climate & Energy

Pope Francis calls for climate action at White House, endorses Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The pope's speech took an unashamedly political tone during his first public event of a six-day visit to the U.S.

Climate & Energy

Hillary Clinton says she opposes the Keystone pipeline — finally

Under pressure from activists and rivals, Clinton now says Keystone XL would be bad for the climate.

Climate & Energy

Climate activists help stop deportations at Tacoma detention center

A human-chain blockade brings together a coalition spanning immigration rights and the environment.

Climate & Energy

4 reasons why it matters that a few House Republicans are calling for climate action

… and 4 reasons why you still shouldn’t get your hopes up too much.


Pope Francis is about to tell congressional Republicans some things they don’t want to hear

Watch out for the snowballs, Your Holiness.

Climate & Energy

Climate journalism bums people out. Here’s how to change that.

A new study finds that people pay the most attention to climate stories when they feature individuals who are making a difference.

Poor Exxon says it’s been unfairly attacked for its climate record

The oil giant's spinmeisters are trying to discredit a series of articles about the company's climate research and its refusal to take serious climate action.

Business & Technology

After the Volkswagen emissions scandal, why should we trust companies to protect the environment?

The automaker has made it that much harder for any company to convince people that it supports sustainability.