Climate & Energy

The right wing hates Scott Pruitt as much as the left does

The EPA chief's first two months have been a train wreck.

Northern Light

A coal company just abandoned plans to ruin a river and a bunch of people’s lives in Alaska.

What would have been the state's largest strip mine is a no-go.

Early bloomers

Cherry blossoms are just one more sign our planet is out of whack.

Blooms are happening earlier, thanks to climate change.

larry, larry, quite contrary

A Republican governor has nixed fracking in Maryland.

Gov. Larry Hogan signed a bill that bans hydraulic fracturing in the state, following in the footsteps of New York and Vermont.

locally sourced

Small California towns are facing off against oil companies — and winning

Local activists are succeeding where the national movement has failed.

Internal combustion ending

The market has spoken, and it says electric cars are the future.

Tesla is now worth more than Ford and General Motors.

So you want to revive rural America. Try wind turbines, not coal mines.

Why is Trump ignoring these jobs?

fracking screwed

‘Gasland’ families are still fighting the company that leaked methane into their water.

A northeastern Pennsylvania town's residents have been embroiled with Cabot Oil & Gas since 2008.

Caveat Empty

Scott Pruitt kinda sorta maybe gets that carbon dioxide contributes to warming.

Scientists know the climate is changing—and that humans are contributors.