Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Forget energy storage. We can go renewable without it, scientists say

An "interstate for electrons" could solve the intermittency problem with wind and solar by sharing North Dakota's wind power with New York.

O’Malley says Clinton will let Earth “literally burn up”

The Democratic presidential hopeful takes Hillary to task on climate change.


Why is ethanol-loving Iowa embracing ethanol-hating Ted Cruz?

Opposing ethanol in Iowa used to be the touch of death. Not anymore.


The right-wing climate-denial machine is churning faster than ever

A survey of conservative think tank research finds a greater-than-ever volume of studies trying to counter the climate-science consensus.

No parking? Self-driving cars could have a huge effect on our cities

You've heard about how robocars are going to upend the economy. But have you thought about what they'll do to urban space?

Twitter fight! Bernie and Hillary battle it out over who has the better climate plan

The Sanders and Clinton campaigns fought for the hearts of climate hawks by talking smack to each other on social media.

Sorry! Winter Storm Jonas doesn’t make climate change a liberal hoax

Don't listen to the deniers.

Obama’s Clean Power Plan survives a legal challenge

But there are plenty more where that came from.


Geoengineering simulation lets us play with the future

See what temperatures could look like 50 years from now if we start reflecting sunlight.