Climate & Energy


The next big war might be over phosphorus

A new study of soil warns that we're pushing the limits of our planetary skin and in danger of pulling nutrients out of the earth too fast.


White House to Shell: Arctic drilling? Go right ahead

The Obama administration just gave a stamp of approval to Shell's Alaska drilling plan. *facepalm*

Climate & Energy

These composers put climate change across the globe to music

You’ll definitely get goosebumps when you hear the crescendo of climate change across the globe.

Business & Technology

What’s the cheapest new car to drive? Hint: It’s an EV

Electric vehicles can have higher sticker prices than gasoline versions, but things look different if you consider all costs over five years.

Climate & Energy

Who controls California’s water?

Hundley's "The Great Thirst" reveals some surprising wrinkles and twists in California's long history of manhandling water to meet its needs.

Climate & Energy

Should I source my home power from renewable energy?

A reader wonders whether "green tags" are as good as solar or wind power. Umbra does a little clean energy 'splainin'.


Is Elizabeth Warren a progressive leader on climate change?

Some environmentalists are pushing her to run for president, but does her record warrant enthusiastic green support?

Business & Technology

People can’t get enough of Tesla’s new batteries

In one week, the company received $800M in reservations for its Powerwalls and Powerpacks.