Climate & Energy

Ready. Same. Fire.

Millennials are starting to realize that Clinton is not the same as Trump

In a new poll, more young voters realize a Clinton presidency is not the same as a Trump one.

Whalin Out

President Obama is designating these ocean monuments like it’s his job, or something.

Obama has protected more land and water than any other American president.

something new under the sun

Solar power’s not just for roofs anymore: It’s being woven into fabric.

Everything from sneakers to beach umbrellas could suck up the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity.

Through a gas darkly

Obama brags about low gas prices, but he shouldn’t.

First off, he didn't bring the prices down. Second, low prices are bad for the climate.


Photos: Anti-pipeline protesters across America stand with Standing Rock

Bernie Sanders made an appearance.

More arrests

Police arrested another 22 people at the Dakota Access pipeline site.

More than 40 people have been arrested around the construction zone over the past month.

Hot time in the city

The best way to fight climate change? Don’t call it climate change.

U.S. cities are getting hammered by climate change. What are they doing about it?

trash talk

Lawyers told House Science Chair Lamar Smith his subpoenas are trash.

The House Science chair is violating the First Amendment with this charade, they argue.

Toon Time

When someone tells you, “The climate is always changing,” show them this cartoon

File away under: Things To Show Climate Denying Relatives on Thanksgiving.