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We pass the popcorn for the greatest climate hits of the Bernie-Hillary smackdown

Hey, debate mods, who says climate and energy issues are dull?


Clinton’s new environmental justice plan is missing something: People of color

Activists who’ve been working on these issues for years say Clinton should support and build on the work they’re already doing.

Climate & Energy

NASA Facebook page manager has had enough with climate deniers

The government agency's Facebook page set the record straight.

Climate & Energy

This was the climate debate we’ve been waiting for

At the Democratic debate on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sparred over substantive climate and energy issues.

Climate & Energy

Climate change has become a big campaign issue — but here’s the downside

It’s a big issue only for Democrats.

Climate & Energy

Fracking wells released over 5 billion pounds of methane in one year

They released a whole lot of toxic chemicals, too.


6 years after BP disaster, Obama administration thinks it has a way to prevent future spills

New regulations will tighten requirements around blowout preventers and other well control features.


A climate hawk’s guide to New York’s Democratic debate

We've got you prepared for the climate-related fireworks on Thursday.

Climate & Energy

The oil industry knew about climate change before we landed on the moon

The American Petroleum Institute was warned about CO2 in 1968.