Climate & Energy

Do You Believe in Miracles

How do we turn coal jobs into solar jobs? Wizards, perhaps?

A new study from the journal Energy Economics has a plan to assimilate coal miners into the solar industry.

algae whiz

The Olympics keeps getting greener — well, the pools do, anyway

Algae is turning Rio's pools a frightening shade of green.

L.A. Story

Climate could be pivotal in this congressional race between two California Democrats

Nanette Barragán is running as a climate hawk, while Isadore Hall has a history of taking big contributions from the oil industry.

down by the backwater

Here’s how life looks on Louisiana’s forgotten coastline

Eerie photos show communities that got left behind.

Bacteria to the future

Cholera could make a comeback, thanks to climate change

As ocean temperatures have risen, so have the number of lethal bacteria that cause the waterborne disease.


Colorado could vote to limit fracking on November ballot

The oil and gas industry is already fighting back.

Dump Trump, EPA edition

Republican EPA chiefs endorse Clinton, bash Trump

William D. Ruckelshaus and William K. Reilly are particularly frustrated by Trump's refusal to address climate change.

Just Plane Fancy

NASA has some wild ideas for the future of flying

NASA says it will start studying a bunch of cutting-edge aviation ideas -- four of which could make air travel much cleaner than it is today.

Tide 2 Go

‘Alarming’ coral reef bleaching wave descends on the Maldives

It's a bad time to be a coral -- still.