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This power plant slurps up water for Arizona — and burns 15 tons of coal a minute

Navajo Generating Station consumes 22,000 tons of coal and emits 44,000 tons of carbon each day, in large part to deliver Arizona’s water.

Climate & Energy

He may be pope, but that doesn’t mean he can stop climate change

Church teachings don't hold much sway in partisan politics where people's minds are already made up. Why do we think the pope's climate stand will be any different?

A song of ... just ice, actually

This drone footage of an iceberg collapsing is sad, cool

A Canadian teen captures explosive aerial footage of an iceberg collapsing, sets it to dramatic music.


What climate deniers get wrong on “politically motivated” science

Despite a bipartisan history, climate science continues to be scurrilously attacked by Republicans.

Climate & Energy

Climate refugees are already finding asylum in Seattle

The Pacific Northwest is a refuge for people fleeing drought, deluge, and monster storms.


You probably missed this climate change promise hidden in Clinton’s speech

In an otherwise predictable speech, the Democratic front-runner said she would raise fees on fossil-fuel extraction and leasing.

Pontiff Contention

The pope’s encyclical just leaked, and he’s seriously dissing climate deniers

The Vatican condemned the early release of document in which pontiff calls on people to change their lifestyles and energy consumption or face grave consequences.

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Here’s another reason why oil refineries (literally) suck

Oil refineries are the second biggest water user of non-ag businesses in drought-parched California.


Why Seattle still has a huge garbage problem

The city says it wants to get to "zero waste," but residents apparently have a hard time with change.