Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Costa Rica’s green plans: Sustainable coffee, bikes, and clean energy

Costa Rica has set an ambitious goal for itself: To be entirely carbon-neutral by 2021. But it’s really not that crazy.

California is sinking. Blame the drought.

And you can blame up to 25 percent of the drought on climate change.

Climate & Energy

U.S. taxpayers are getting ripped off by fossil fuel extraction

Coal-mining and oil-drilling programs on federal land are big money-wasters, in addition to polluting the environment and hurting the climate.


Your organic fruits and veggies might have been irrigated with fracking wastewater

Irrigation water appears to be a major loophole in the USDA's organic food safety program.

The Teacher

This scuba diver wants everyone — black, white, or brown — to feel at home in the ocean

Kramer Wimberley knows what it's like to feel unwelcome in the water. As a dive instructor and ocean-lover, he tries to make sure no one else does.

Climate & Energy

Thomas Friedman: The world is hot

Which is true. But calls for shared ecosystems are naive in a world of ISIS.

Climate & Energy

Could the solution to climate change come from this castle?

One hundred "makers" are gathering in a French chateau to develop solutions to environmental woes.

Climate & Energy

How to make people care about climate change? Tell it one story at a time

Organizer Christine Cordero explains how storytelling can supercharge your activism.

Climate & Energy

Latino voters care a whole lot about climate change

A new poll shows that Latino voters are significantly more likely to understand that climate change is the result of human activities.