Canned jam.I have a mystical sort of reverence for people who make their own jam. Like those who turn old pillowcases into cute outfits for their kids or whittle their own four-poster beds out of driftwood, their skills inspire both admiration and envy. What are my meager domestic accomplishments next to such down-home expertise? Jam seems advanced.

Lately, my inferiority complex has gotten worse. Jam-making used to live in the realm of Quaint Things Your Grandma Did, along with sewing buttons or knowing how to use a hat pin. Now it’s suddenly hip.

So in my newfound Greenie Pig spirit, I declared that I, too, would turn the season’s bounty into a luscious fruit spread that would last through the winter. Bonus: If it worked, I’d be able to shower my friends and family with jars of homemade goodness this holiday season.