to lobby or not to lobby

Trump’s ag guy quit to lobby again

Michael Torrey was asked to pick between lobbying and transitioning the Department of Agriculture.

Little(r) home on the prairie

We plowed up more wild habitat in the Great Plains than in the Brazilian Amazon in 2014.

We've been paying close attention to the rainforest, but we're losing a lot of habitat at home.

Waste watchers

What should you do with your food scraps?

Is it better to put food waste down the garbage disposal or in the trash? Advice columnist Umbra Fisk weighs in.

Seed you soon

Take a tour of the Arctic vault designed to keep our seeds safe.

Here's a peek inside the Global Seed Vault.

Hope v reality dept.

The farmers who voted for Trump may be in for disappointment.

Trump can't throw out trade agreements and boost exports. His immigration promises would hurt farmworkers and increase labor costs.


A bundle of food-related measures passed on Tuesday.

It's not entirely gloomy.

Joys of Catfishing

That fish might be lying about its identity, but it also might be more sustainable.

A new study suggests that mislabeled fish tend to come from less endangered varieties.


You know you want to be a Grist fellow. And now you have more time to apply.

Apply by November 14.

Getting warmer

Hot tips for getting your compost pile cooking

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk has simple suggestions for revving up the backyard compost heap.