Q. Dear Umbra,

You addressed nonstick cooking ware in 2014. How about an update that addresses aluminum or anodized cookware? What’s the latest? 

Bill C.
Annandale, Va.

A. Dearest Bill,

But of course. I love any excuse to saunter over to the kitchen, especially one that allows me to cook myself an omelet and call it “very important work-related testing.” Preliminary results indicate high levels of deliciousness.

But you’re concerned about nonstick cookware, not my culinary endeavors. You’re right that I gave anodized aluminum pots and pans rather short shrift the last time I looked into kitchen accoutrements. That’s not because I don’t think they can be a nice choice for the eco-conscious cook — I do. It’s just that my love for cast iron and stainless steel is so encompassing. I still recommend those materials above any others. But the cookware aisle is full of options, and I don’t want to restrict your freedom to (safely) stir-fry, simmer, and sauté as you see fit.