Are you aware that, in the Year of Our Lord 2016, we have a radio rap banger about the art of sliding into someone’s Instagram DMs? Yes — I’m talking about sexting.

Sexting on a flip phone was definitely a thing when I was in high school a decade ago, and Hunter Moore’s IsAnyoneUp sagaread that, seriously — began way back in 2010 (the same year that Instagram launched, natch). But here we are, still arguing about how it’s ruining or enhancing The Lives of Women Today.

Journalist Nancy Jo Sales’ new book, American Girls, opens with a story of a middle schooler getting an Instagram message asking for nude pics. The book goes on to argue how this kind of social-media-driven sexualization is the latest and greatest form of female oppression. Point counterpoint: Alana Levinson argued last year in Matter that sexting your platonic female friends can be an empowering and self-affirming act. There are a million sides to the sexting coin!