Bust out of that silo!

Naomi Klein on how to build a more kick-ass climate movement

Climate activists need to team up with the anti-austerity movement, labor, transit advocates, and all the other folks fighting the good fight.

Climate & Energy

Obama’s carbon rule hangs on this one legal question

The EPA's plan to reduce CO2 from existing power plants relies on an ambitious new interpretation of the Clean Air Act. Will it stand up in court?

The road to Paris

What you should know about this week’s U.N. climate talks

There’s another climate confab happening right now in Geneva. Maybe you have some questions about it. Good, because we have some answers.

growing pains

Watch our juicy explainer about the environment’s growing economics problem

This video makes the case for degrowth, an idea that's about producing and consuming less for our well-being and the planet's.

Kick it while it's down!

Naomi Klein on why low oil prices could be a great thing

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for climate activists to attack Big Oil while it's weak and shift us toward cleaner energy.

Norway forward

Norway divests from coal, promises to cut carbon, steals our hearts

O Nordic land, will you be our tall, blue-eyed, climate-hawk Valentine?

Climate & Energy

The leaders of the next U.N. climate talks are already pessimistic

Two of the leading architects of a major U.N. agreement on climate are trying to soften expectations.

Climate & Energy

Score one for ALEC: West Virginia is first state to repeal a renewable energy standard

Other states are also moving to roll back renewable policies, much to the delight of the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council.


It’s not just climate change: Some GOP leaders disregard science on vaccines too

Chris Christie and Rand Paul have both pandered to anti-vaxxer parents. Here’s why.

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