The USDA might tell Americans to eat less beef for the sake of the environment

It turns out that what's healthier for humans is also healthier for the climate.


How the suburbs could go from rot to rad

With decaying housing and falling revenues, inner-ring suburbs built in the 1950s are becoming the newest slums. But where there are protests, there's hope.

Climate & Energy

Obama to veto Keystone XL bill

President Barack Obama is planning to veto a bill that would force approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.


U.S. taxpayers could have had a $600 million stake in Tesla

And other misadventures from the growing profusion of federal loan programs.

Climate & Energy

California Gov. Jerry Brown gets more ambitious about tackling climate change

He's calling for 50 percent of the state's electricity to come from renewables by 2030, and for a big cut in gas consumption by cars and trucks.

Hop Dreams

When it comes to naming craft beers, there’s a perfect legal storm a-microbrewin’

There are so many craft beers that microbreweries are now fighting over names.

Climate & Energy

Leave it to West Virginia to confuse its students about science

The state board of education is introducing nonsense into teaching guidelines for climate change.


Congress will soon approve Keystone, say Republicans

The new GOP-led Senate is pushing the pipeline as its first priority this year. Will Obama respond with a veto?


Here’s the right way to make transit and density work in the suburbs

Bethesda, Md., a suburb of D.C., is a great example of smart growth. Let’s hope the state’s new GOP governor doesn’t screw that up.