turning on the charmander

Green group wants to use rare Pokemon to lure voters

NextGen Climate found the youth vote -- it's looking for Snorlax.

Jeepers Veepers

Trump’s VP shortlist looks like him, sounds like him on climate

Here’s where his five top picks for vice president stand.

The one and only

Trump would be only head of state in entire world to deny that climate change is a problem

Leaders of the 194 other countries all acknowledge the threat of climate change.


Sanders endorses Clinton to lead the fight against climate change

She’s a whole lot better than Trump, Sanders says.

Bern out

Our favorite Bernie Sanders moments

His bold climate and energy agenda will leave a lasting impact on the Democratic Party.


Republican platform declares coal is clean

We kid you not.

Election 2016

Sanders’ final win: Climate action in the Democratic platform

He's pushed the climate debate beyond what Clinton is comfortable with.

polar attraction

President Obama just made Arctic drilling more annoying

If anyone is still determined to drill in the Arctic, it’ll cost them a lot of $$$.

Don't Fly Like An Eagle

Congressman wants EPA officials on the no-fly list

Because environmental regulators in coach is really the battle we need to be fighting right now.