Watch every State of the Union climate promise Obama has ever made

The president has talked about climate change in every annual address, and you can bet that he'll do it again tonight.

Climate & Energy

Bernie Sanders’ climate plan would be awesome if he had a friendly Congress, but he won’t

The Democratic candidate has a grand vision, but what would he actually get done without cooperation from Capitol Hill?


These kids want a science-themed presidential debate

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Millennials really want to transition to clean energy, says new poll

The kids are alright.


The Senate’s biggest climate denier just endorsed Marco Rubio

When snowball-heaving Sen. Jim Inhofe endorses a candidate, you can bet the candidate is bad news bears on climate change.

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Here’s what Obama can still do to fight climate change in his final year

There are three big steps he has the power to take even without cooperation from Congress.

Climate & Energy

Deportees from immigration raids face deadly climate change

When the U.S. sends deportees back to Central America, they face not only violence but some of the worst climate disruption on earth.

Britain fines Trump for air pollution — and they don’t mean his speeches

Trump might not believe in climate change but he's being charged for his carbon emissions anyway.


This rancher says the Bundys are idiots — but he too is worried about losing access to public land

A Montana rancher argues that cattle on public land are an indicator species.