Should climate hawks push Elizabeth Warren to run for president?

Warren aggressively opposes Keystone XL, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and corporate power. That’s quite a contrast with Clinton’s views.


Obama burns Florida’s climate deniers on their home turf

The president uses his Earth Day message to call for climate action -- and throw a few jabs at Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.

Why Earth Day doesn’t matter anymore

The only green that gets shit done is money.


All Obama wants for Earth Day is a new power grid

OK, not really. He wants lots of other stuff too.

Climate & Energy

The Obama administration has its own climate denial problem

On Earth Day, Obama will call for protecting public lands from climate change. He should also call for an end to selling off publicly owned fossil fuels.

Here are 4 big pollution problems EPA has (mostly) fixed already

For Earth Day, here's a look back at EPA successes, and a look ahead to the next big challenge: climate change.


Will Hillary Clinton be too weak on climate change?

Clinton hasn't made climate a priority in the past. Will that change in the future?

Climate & Energy

What will it take to restore the Gulf Coast and its people?

A look back at the response to the BP oil spill -- and thoughts on where we go from here.


Our crazy farm subsidies, explained

Once upon a time, we started subsidizing agriculture.