Meet your new fossil fuel-loving GOP senators

Some are blatant climate deniers. Others hedge on the issue. But they all agree that we should do nothing to stop it.


GMO labeling laws keep failing. Here’s why we can expect more

GMO-labeling initiatives have lost four times now, but proponents are tenacious. Until we actually try out the idea, we'll be stuck on infinite replay.


Giant hog farms are making people sick. Here’s why it’s a civil rights issue.

Communities of color in North Carolina have to endure bronchitis, asthma, and even high blood pressure caused by massive pools of pig poo. Ick.


Chevron spent $72 per voter to defeat these green candidates — and failed

A refinery town's activist and green governing coalition prevails in the face of an oil company's millions.


Green groups spent millions on the midterms. What did it get them?

That money — it looks like there was at least $85 million — bought a lot of ads. But on Election Day, it's not clear that it paid off.

the bright side

The country is going to hell, but at least your bus may come on time

The results of the election got you down? Good news! It wasn't a total train wreck.


Holy sh*t, a town in Texas just banned fracking

Eight fracking bans went to voters during these elections. Half of them won, including one in the Lone Star State.


Watch Stephen Colbert make fun of major networks’ election coverage

Stephen Colbert leaves numbers to the nerds and summons a demon to cover election results.


The new GOP Senate is already gearing up to cause climate mayhem

Republicans' top priorities: approving the Keystone XL pipeline and blocking Obama's plan to curb CO2 emissions from power plants.

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