Standing Rock

Trump’s victory could be a big win for the Dakota Access Pipeline, but opponents stand strong

Conflicting reports indicate the Obama administration might approve the pipeline even before Trump takes office.

interior design

Obama’s Interior makes it easier to build renewable energy on public land in Trump era.

Good timing.

promises, promises

Donald Trump promises to revive the coal industry. He can’t.

Trump can't save Big Coal, but he can seriously damage the planet.

Hope v reality dept.

The farmers who voted for Trump may be in for disappointment.

Trump can't throw out trade agreements and boost exports. His immigration promises would hurt farmworkers and increase labor costs.

From the Editor

Let’s fight for the future we want

Grist must shine its beacon brighter than ever.

Love Train

Mass transit wins big in ballot initiatives

On a bleak night for progressives, voters across the country backed transit projects.

polar opposites

The Senate lost some more GOP climate moderates.

There are fewer non-climate change deniers than ever among Republican senators.

with a little help from our friends

Trying to cope with the election? Brexit strugglers share their tips.

Many young voters feel disenfranchised by moves fueled by xenophobia and racism, with dire consequences for the climate.

Coal in Every Stocking

Trump will be the fossil fuel industry’s greatest gift

From oil execs in the Cabinet to scrapping air pollution regs, the Trump agenda is terrible. But can he do it all?