Climate & Energy

Americans of color put whites to shame on climate

Nonwhites are significantly more likely to think global warming should be a top priority for the U.S. government.

Secretary of Skate

Kerry calls world leaders to arms for oceans’ sake

The secretary of state is hitting overfishing and pollution issues hard, and calling international leaders to do their part.

Climate & Energy

Obama can’t do a lot to help poor countries deal with climate change, but he’s doing a little

The president can't commit to the U.N. Green Climate Fund because Congress won't go along, but he's going to factor climate resilience into international development plans. Hey, it's something.

Climate & Energy

How should funders and foundations deal with polarization?

Today's foundations came of age in a time when unbiased, expert advice led to bipartisan solutions. That's all gone now. How should they deal with today's polarization?

Climate & Energy

Obama says he’s ready to lead on climate

At the U.N. Climate Summit, Obama said the U.S. and China will take the lead on fighting climate change. "It’s what big nations have to do,” he said. OK, we're waiting ...

Climate & Energy

Join us for live coverage of the U.N. climate talks

President Obama is among the world leaders talking about climate change in New York City.

Climate & Energy

Wall Street protest arrests nab 2 Captain Planets, 1 polar bear

Flood Wall Street demonstrators block a street in Manhattan's financial district with balloons, costumes, and chants, and 101 arrests follow.

Climate & Energy

Why the (awesome) climate march won’t change American politics

Great as the march was, conservatives didn't come out to it, so it won't change Congress and it won't change the polarization gripping America.


Polarization in America is here to stay. What now?

Republicans and Democrats are further apart than ever, and calls for “civility” and presidential “leadership” won’t change that. It's time to think about what's next.

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