truth hurts

Fake news is old news to climate scientists

It’s not a recent trend, says climatologist Michael Mann, but it is a deeply dangerous one.


Elections expert says North Carolina is no longer a democracy.

The state's score on unfair districting is the worst in the world.

Last Mann standing

A famed climate scientist will now get to sue the National Review for defamation.

A court ruled that Penn State's Michael Mann can proceed with a suit against conservative bloggers who accused him of fraud and worse.

Frontline communities will lead the fight for environmental and climate justice under Trump

If we want to succeed, it's more important than ever to invest in the leadership of people of color and indigenous communities.

here we go again

Trump’s pick to head the federal budget questions whether the government should fund science.

Trump pick Mick Mulvaney wears his climate change denial proudly.

windy business

Trump hates wind turbines even more than he hates women he deems unattractive.

A new cache of letters reveals just how deep Trump's hatred of wind energy goes.

Unsafe as houses

6 ways Ben Carson could screw up fair, affordable housing

If the nominee for secretary of housing and urban development takes right-wingers’ advice, he could undermine many of HUD’s key programs.

The poll shebang

Even Trump voters oppose Trump’s climate agenda.

The first post-election poll to delve into their policy views finds broad support for climate action and clean energy.

Terry, terry, quite contrary

Meet the most pro-climate appointee Trump has made yet.

That's not saying much.