136 ENERGY STAR–labeled buildings in 2009; $29.6 million in cost savings.

The Webb Municipal building. The Wellington E. Webb Municipal building, built in 2002, spans 630,000 sq. feet. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Bureaucrat enjoys certification processes, seeks efficient tax payers
I know I may sound a bit boring, but what I lack in personality, I make up with good looks and innovations!

I was designed to be 25 percent more efficient than a conventional building, saving the city of Denver $218,000 in energy costs in 2003 alone.

But there’s so much more to me than numbers. As a LEED Gold certified building, I have a broom closet full of impressive features:

Low-energy compact fluorescent task lighting, occupancy sensors, and LED exit signs.  Instead of traditional air conditioning, I’m part of Xcel Energy’s district chilled water loop. And when it’s cold outside, steam-based hot water exchangers make my tenants toasty.

Who wants to watch the savings add up with me?