Here at Grist we like to think we’re looking out for you guys, so before you stock up on refreshing sippables for your summer potlucks here’s a small checklist of beverage bandits looking to pee in your pool party. Cheers!

Fuze bottlePhoto courtesy racineur via Flickr

Fuze Refresh “Peach-Mango”

The only thing more confusing than Peach-Mango Fuze’s icy tundra photo shoot is the origin of its healthy peach-mango claim. This tropical drink lacks both peaches and mangos! How do they get away with this? By numbing your inquisitive taste buds with an overwhelming amount of sugar and crystalline fructose, a sweetening agent the FDA has yet to award its official GRAS designation: Generally Recognized as Safe. We are specifically skeeved out by this.

If you dare, take a closer look at the ingredients here.