Never thought you’d see the day when a Texas oilman turns sunny-side up? Oh wait, T. Boone Pickens has been there, funded that.

OK, how about a fictional oil tycoon?

Larry Hagman, who slicked himself up as exactly that in the hit TV soap opera Dallas — Wikipedia tells me it was a hit; it was before my time — has now reprised his role as the famous oilman in a commercial for the German photovoltaic manufacturer, SolarWorld.

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It was apparently the BP oil disaster that spurred this actor and solar advocate to produce the TV spot. However, in return for doing the ad, SolarWorld agreed to donate panels to support work in Haiti done by the Solar Electric Light Fund. Hagman serves on the board of this nonprofit.

Still, the way he cackles at the solar panels in the commercial makes me wish he were actually starring in a television show about a solar energy baron striking it rich after finding sun spilling all over his property. Or maybe he could go the reality-TV route and call it “Real Solar Pimps of Texas.” What do you think?


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