Boone LakeA typical scene on Boone Lake, Tennessee. Watch out for crocs in the water!Photo: Bob Stokes, winner of a virtual high five

We’re down in the dumps. But you get what you ask for, right?

We asked you, our oh-so-sharp readers, to send us your photos of polluted or degraded waterways. The results are not pretty. Plastic trash, invasive weeds, garbage so plentiful it creates its own damn dam –- we feel like we’re floating in the Pacific Garbage Patch. And the video you sent? There are no words.

The winningest photo, above, was posted by Grist Facebook fan, Bob Stokes. Bob gets a virtual high five — along with our aquatic apologies for the state of his local lake.

We’re also happy to hear that you readers are bridging the clean up of these troubled waters. Clean, happy endings await the following stories of H-2-Oh-no. Click through to see how other Grist readers are raising awareness of their local wasted waterways, and let us know about your own efforts in the comments.