Chinese concept of giant drive-through busShenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd

There may be 9 million bicycles in Beijing, but there’s also a heck of a lot of traffic. To deal with all those gas-powered wheels, Chinese innovators have come up with a Futurama-esque solution to congestion, air pollution, transportation, and the high costs that go along with all of that.

They call it the “3D Fast Bus,” but we think “Car-Eating Mass Transit Monster” is the more appropriate moniker for a 14-foot-tall, bus-subway-light-rail hybrid that can move up to 1,400 people at a time while driving over and around any cars in its way. NOM.

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Check out this video demonstration of the concept, which is set to start construction of a pilot project in Beijing’s Mentougou District at the end of 2010. (Don’t speak Chinese? Don’t worry, there are lots of fun graphics in this video!)

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My rough translation:

Traffic totally sucks! Even the environment hates it. How do we fix it? Public transporation is pretty good, but there are still lots of problems. So we mashed all this transit together into one “Car-Eating Mass Transit Monster” that will rule the roads! All other vehicles will bow before it, especially that yellow VW bug. Mwahahahaha! Oh and it will be electric and run on solar power. Mwahahaha!

Get the actual translation (worth reading) over at ChinaHush. Even though the “straddling bus” concept looks sorta crazy, I think this monster has a lot of potential to take places like New York City by storm. Or am I confusing things with King Kong again … ?

Monster first spotted on Engadget.

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