VancouverWould you like to live in iVancouver? There’s an apartment for that.Photo: Duane Storey

It is a theme on Treehugger that walkable communities and dense cities use less energy per capita, and that the auto-centric suburb is perhaps the worst of all planning models if we want to reduce our energy and particularly our oil consumption. But do people really want to live in high-density apartments if they have the choice? A new Canadian study indicates that for a number of reasons, more and more people do.

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The study by GWL Realty Advisors comes to some interesting conclusions about how trends are changing regarding home ownership vs. renting, apartment vs. house. Although the data are Canadian, where there has not been a real estate meltdown as there has in the U.S., it seems likely that the trends are similar south of the border. GWL Realty Advisors used a mix of census data and polling to reach their conclusions.

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