Reused dress.Photo: Grist reader Alyce SantoroThey say clothes make the man, but what happens when that man throws away his clothes? The EPA estimates that Americans individually throw out more than 68 pounds of clothing every year. Fortunately, there’s been a growing movement to mend our ways. This month, Umbra schooled us about recycling our fabrics, and some companies are working to reduce waste by making new fabrics out of recycled materials like plastic bottles or old denim.

We like to call refashioning your wardrobe, “re-usey couture.” And this month, we asked Grist readers to submit photos of their own reused clothing on Facebook. Here are a few of our favorite submissions as part of a special advertising feature brought to you by the eco-friendly people at Polartec.

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Sounds like a great look

“This is a dress made from the first two yards of sonic fabric ever woven — half of the tapes were interwoven with a beige cotton warp thread, and half with a black cotton warp thread to create two different colored fabrics,” said the rocking Alyce Santoro of her creation above.