Hey, life imitates Onion! A physicist in the Netherlands has designed the "Superbus," a sleek 23-seater that can go up to 150 miles per hour. And it's electric! You're not drunk, the video is in Dutch, but we assume he's saying "dude, this thing is fast as BALLS, and look at all the Delorean doors! Seriously, it's like Batman meets Speed meets Back to the Future."

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Okay, so there's the teeny problem where if you don't live in Europe, a vehicle on the highway going 150 miles per hour is kind of cause for alarm. The inventor is envisioning the Superbus zipping along the median, but in many places that will still involve new infrastructure — the Superbus is badass but it can't drive on top of ragweed, trees, ditches, Jersey barriers, and whatever else is in most highway medians. And we definitely wouldn't want to share the road with this monster. Maybe until they come up with a FLYING Superbus, we'll stick to backing trains.

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