Need a job? Alberta's tar-sands industry wants YOU.

But if you want to stay in this country, never fear, the oil and gas industry wants to create jobs here. On the one hand: Yay jobs! On the other hand: Boo oil and gas industry!

A European court put the kibosh on honey that contains even a tiny bit of pollen from GMO crops. If we know Monsanto, they’re now working on a genetically modified bee that neutralizes evidence of genetic modification from the genetically modified pollen it collects.

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London ranks "below average" on air pollution. (That means its air quality sucks and it’s not doing enough about it, not that the pollution isn’t up to par.)

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After meeting with business representatives, White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley got unusually interested in the president’s decision about smog regulations.

The Senate is moving towards cutting clean energy funding.