"Primordial spirits have been stirring … "

"A provocative omen on the eve of catastrophe … "

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It will "roam the earth terrifying and enlightening those who dare to ride … along the razor's edge between hope and fear … "

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Okay, so the copy promoting Titanoboa sounds like it came from a bad monster movie. But if you had a GIGANTIC ROBOTIC SNAKE that could "battle" (i.e. slither around the same warehouse space as) a GIGANTIC ROBOTIC SPIDER, you might get a little dramatic, too.

On a more serious note, the geniuses behind Titanoboa took inspiration from the monster-sized snakes that roamed the planet when it was warm enough to support a cold-blooded creature 50 feet long and weighing a ton. If the climate gets hot enough, these sort of monsters could return to roam the earth. It’ll look just like the video, only they won’t be metal, probably. Dwell on that for a minute.

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