Congress voted to put sanctions on Iran, which would make it harder for Iran to sell oil, but potentially make oil sales more profitable for the regime overall.

After all the work that the anti-Keystone coalition did, Republicans are trying to tack a measure to approve the pipeline onto a bill that extends the payroll tax cut.

The White House is saying the president "would reject a proposal that tried to mandate approval of the Keystone project" but won't say the V-E-T-O word.

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Oh, ALSO. Congress could defund the program that would implement the phaseout of incandescent bulbs. AUGH, CONGRESS.

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The ultra eco-clothing could be a made of a fabric that self-cleans with just a little bit of sunlight.

Solar is cheaper than diesel in India.

Which is good, because people in India aren't so jazzed about nuclear power.

And China is increasing its solar target by 50 percent, to 15 gigawatts by 2015.

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