California is suing the federal government over weak fuel-efficiency standards. No wonder the Bush administration made a big to-do of announcing its tepid alternative fuels plan today (even though nothing would happen with it until 2008). Rove’s trying to capture the news cycle.

(thanks LL)

Update [2007-5-14 13:49:14 by David Roberts]: Pure coincidence!

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Q The event today about CAFE standards, when did that get added to the schedule?
MR. SNOW: Today. I mean, we’ve been discussing it for some time, but we made it official today.
Q Well, I’m just wondering why — sort of what’s the thinking behind doing it today.
MR. SNOW: The thinking behind doing it today is we’re ready. I mean, it’s really pretty much that simple.”

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Well, I’m buying it! You?

(thanks again, LL)