Wal-Mart CEO announces new energy-focused sustainability initiative

First Prince Charles jets across the Atlantic just to accept an eco-award, and now he’s hanging out with the likes of Wal-Mart chief Lee Scott. Is there anything His Royal Highness won’t do to piss off self-righteous greens? Has he considered biting the head off an endangered salamander? While we await his next move, we applaud the latest: inviting Scott to speak to some 400 execs at a London conference on greening business. It gave Scott the chance to unveil “Sustainability 360,” a new initiative that will involve employees, customers, and communities in the chain’s trumpeted efforts to prove that discount shopping and eco-consciousness mix. The plan will focus on cutting nonrenewable energy from the store’s products and from its customers’ lives. Yes, we’ll insert the requisite comment here about the company’s notoriously poor labor standards. But Scott says the new green focus has helped with employee recruitment and retention, so maybe he’s doing something right. Bite of salamander, anyone?