The deal was set this morning.  As The Washington Post (among others) just reported:

At the start of Day Four of the committee’s debate, ranking Republican Joe Barton (Texas) said he and Chairman Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) had agreed to limit debate on each new amendment to 10 minutes. That came after a second marathon session yesterday, in which the committee members spent much of their morning talking about a small change related to nuclear power. They spent much of the evening talking about a proposal to auction off all pollution credits, instead of giving many away for free. That amendment was eventually crushed, in a 52-4 vote.

“We have agreed to expedite the process today,” Barton said. “We will have a final-passage vote this afternoon, within an hour or so after the House concludes its business.”

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Barton said that Republicans would give up their right to demand the reading of the 900-plus-page legislation. That potential delaying tactic had worried Democrats so much that they had a speed reader on call, Dow Jones reported.

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In return, Barton said, Waxman had agreed to hold more hearings on the bill’s “cap-and-trade” scheme, after it had passed committee.

Yeah, more hearings!

The bill seems headed for passage early this evening.  Stay tuned!


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