Philip HayNo. Stop it. This is far too good.

If you’re in danger of being too creative (or insufficiently monomaniacal) this Halloween, never fear: The Department of Energy is providing alternative-energy-themed jack-o’-lantern stencils, so you don’t have to stop promoting renewable power even while those around you are trying to make themselves catatonic with candy and booze. 

The patterns include solar panels, wind turbines, CFL bulbs, and a scientifically inaccurate atom symbol (for nuclear, I guess, though please note that it’s the same design the military puts on atheists’ gravestones … which I guess makes it the only really Halloween-appropriate image in the bunch).

Oooh. Spooky.

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The department suggests you might want to “‘geek out’ on your pumpkins,” though why they think you’d do that by decorating them with CFLs instead of, say, the Portal symbol is a total mystery. Still, if you’re the kind of person who dresses up as Bill McKibben for Halloween and hands out carbon offsets to the kiddies, your pumpkin-carving party is now taken care of. We’re sure it will be a hoot.

Wendell OskayTo be fair this LED-lit LED pumpkin is kind of rad.

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