matt damon

s_bukley / Shutterstock

Matt Damon was looking for a way to, and we quote, “persuade people to give a shit about toilets.” [Editor’s note: Matt, call me, you’re hired.] So he decided to hold a press conference, to educate people about the lack of basic sanitation and clean water around the world. At that press conference, he announced that “in protest of this global tragedy … until everyone has access to clean water, I will not go to the bathroom.” And he wants us all to join him.

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See for yourself:

OK, so the press conference is fake, but the problem is real — 2.5 billion people worldwide lack access to basic sanitation, and Matt Damon wants you to know about it, even at the cost of his dignity. The idea is to promote the Water for the World Act in D.C., which would fund sanitation projects in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. And as much as we’re amused by the idea of some paparazzi catching Matt Damon popping a secret squat in an L.A. swimming pool, we have to admit that the Water for the World Act will probably do more to improve conditions worldwide. And in that particular swimming pool, too.

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