Wow, I guess I underestimated my ability to influence coverage here at Grist. If you haven’t noticed, environmental media has been getting a lot of play around here lately. So, this week I’m simply going to provide a roundup of green-media topics appearing on Grist (and elsewhere):

More Environmental Film

Last week I mentioned there’d be more on environmental film festivals. I didn’t lie. If you missed it, check out Paul Henderson’s report, Feelin’ Movie, which discusses the rising popularity of green film fests.

Today’s Grist List features The Great Warming, the climate change documentary starring Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morissette. According to the movie website, it will be playing in New York City on April 3-9, 2006. More locations to be announced.

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And if the idea of a day of world-changing film intrigues you, check out this post.

Green TV

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Earlier this week I mentioned that PBS will be airing two specials around this Earth Day: “Planet H20” and “The State of the Planet’s Wildlife.” On LinkTV, the third episode of the Sierra Club Chronicles will be airing for the second time on March 23. “Dioxin, Duplicity & Dupont” explores the health problems being experienced by residents and former workers of a DuPont plant in DeLisle, Mississippi, where about 2,000 people have filed lawsuits against DuPont alleging pollution from this facility has harmed their health. People with a heavy-duty internet connection can watch the entire episode online.

Current TV is airing a piece about Greenpeace’s John Passacantando, where he “shares his personal success story, and gives us insight into finding our own.” Watch it on cable and DirecTV.

And as Dave reported, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.) will be appearing in a CNN documentary about peak oil titled We Were Warned.

TV on the Internets

When I first wrote about Treehugger TV, I was a little reluctant to believe they’d be able to produce a new video each week. But lookie here: a new week, a new video. This week’s is called “Farm to the Table,” and is actually part one of a three-part series. Here is the synopsis:

In the first of a three part series on the organic process of farm to table living, THTV interviews Jack Algiere, the Four Seasons Farmer at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. This episode centers on the importance of healthy soil and what it means to be a green farmer in the 21st century.

And the folks over at Big Picture TV keep pumping out talking heads. This week it is Sir Peter Hall, who chats about sustainable cities, which is relevant to some of the recent discussions here in Gristmill.

Global Warming Pop Songs

If you haven’t submitted your suggestion yet, Dave is seeking songs about global warming. Surprisingly, a number of candidates have already been suggested.