Buying something used and local is already a fairly green way to consume (if consume you must) so I was curious what Ecoflip, which calls itself a “green craigslist,” would entail. The categories are fairly standard but have a splash of hippie: Fuel-efficient vehicles get their own section (along with the more expected green living and household products), and wind/solar gets a section, so you know where to post this summer’s discarded solar cell bikini. A Sustainable Community section has farmers market listings, except — whoops — there aren’t any in Seattle (you have to change the default location to a city or state more specific than the U.S.). I need a couch, so I was excited to check out the furniture section, except, again, no listings in Seattle. How about the EcoPersonals? What, no EcoMen for EcoWomen? In its current sparse beta state, Ecoflip reflects what makes its model craigslist so successful — lots of postings — but since listings are free, check it out.