1. Hedwig and the extra inch

    Blondes have more fun — if you call not being creamed by a truck fun. Which we do.

  2. Fore minutes to save the world

    Justin Timberlake’s got some summer love for golf, and his new course is n’sync with LEED certification. He’ll put those sticks in a box and go clubbin’ — but can he bring sexy back to golf pants?

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    Photo: WireImage

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  3. Poking fun

    Quote of the week: “A lot of people talk about loving the earth. But how many of them actually penetrate it?”

  4. Paging a Mr. Godwin

    Some claim that Nazis, like high fructose corn syrup, are “fine in moderation.” Especially when it’s the Soup Nazi. No meat for you!

  5. Trouble a-bruin

    Fast living, early pregnancy, fatal car crashes, trashy hookups. The plotline of the new 90210? No — the unbearable plight of these urbanites.

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