1. Organic Banana?

    We’re split on Banana Republic’s new Green Collection. Just 5 percent eco — and 95 percent ick? This shirt is bananas.

  2. Stick it to ’em

    Sweatshop sneakers? You don’t need it. Blood diamond bling? You don’t need it. Low-mpg SUV? No lo necesitas. So what do you need? These stickers.

    Photo: antiadvertisingagency.com

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  3. Yes we Connelly

    Thirsty? Take a sip of this tall drink of water. Mmm … refreshing.

    Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.com

  4. It’s gonna be an uphill battle

    Spider-man: French climber-man. Does whatever an urban climber can. Scales a building any size, fights climate change as temperatures rise. Look out! Here comes the Spider-man!

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    Photo: Lalo Yasky/WireImage.com

  5. Bell jarring

    We get the message, Ms. Mars: You’re creeped out by our Grist-wide crush and hope that talking up plastic silverware and paper plates will get us off the scent. Sigh. It sure will be hard forgetting Kristen Bell.

    Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage.com