1. Quit playing games (with his dolphins)

    Show him the meaning of being a U.N. special ambassador: former boy-bander Nick Carter will soon begin work on a campaign to save wild dolphins. This from a guy who couldn’t even save the Backstreet Boys — but wait’ll you hear his latest project, The Charismatic Megafauna.

    Photos: iStockphoto and joeltelling via flickr

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  2. Who shot J.R.?

    Julia Roberts is on a role, soon to get her Brit on as conservationist Joan Root. But don’t expect a happy ending: Root was shot by a gunman in Kenya last year. Also suspiciously slain: Canadian conservationist Glen Davis, found dead in Toronto last week. Is wildlife conservation the new snitchin’?

    Photo: Kevin Mazur / WireImage.com

  3. To everything, tern, tern, tern

    Yes, kids need to get outside more, but we’re skeptical that birding with an iPod is going to do the trick. More likely: they’ll tear up that old bike they never use anymore and continue ignoring you indoors.

  4. For reals on the bus

    What do ice cream, Burning Man, and pie charts have in common? A political statement about military spending that puts a whole new spin on the term “double-decker bus.” And speaking of military spending, check out this ride.

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    Photo: Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities

  5. Merry Jane

    Jane Fonda on her milk-fiber sweater and hemp pants: “You can drink my top and smoke my bottom.” Does a body good.

    Photo: Steve Granitz / WireImage.com