1. That’s why she hated Skinner

    Scully wanted to believe Armani would leave Fox Mulder alone after the designer promised to stop using fur — but with his fall collection, the truth is out there.

    Photo: Jon Furniss/WireImage.com

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  2. Rabbit and go

    If we were eco-bunnies that needed a name, we’d be Isis Silvertower and Kate Wetthighs. Oh, not that kind of bunny?

    Woman wearing rabbit ears

  3. Less bounce for the ounce

    Who’s hit hardest by rising gas prices? Your dealer. The only thing gettin’ high is his fuel surcharge.

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    Gas Robber

  4. If it’s yellow …

    Rubber duckie, you’re the one / You make glacier research so much fun / Rubber duckie, we’re awfully fond of … ew.

  5. I’m too sexy for this car

    Nearly 90 percent of ladies get turned on by fuel efficiency, sez General Motors. Ergo, nearly 90 percent of ladies are “nice, no-makeup environmental women,” sez GM exec Bob Lutz. Talk about a crock of shit.